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Daniel: If I have written before, I apologize... The prayer need still exists. I request a miracle from the Lord to bring me out of financial debt and crisis created from unemployment and sudden unexpected expenses. The fear and stress is overwhelming.Also a new career where my talents and gifts can be used. Focus and sensitivity to His voice are needed. Thank you.
February 18, 2018
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Sophie: Please pray for my mother Julie who is 75 years old and had a small stroke today and is going for tests next week. Please pray that she make a full recovery and if that is not in our fate, please pray she leave us in her sleep without fear or pain. Also please pray for Carol who died of a stroke several days ago as her daughter and my best friend Kim is burying her Mom this weekend. Kim needs prayers of strength. Thank you. Sophie and Savannah
January 27, 2018
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Ms. Linda: Pray This Prayer Over My Life: God I ask You in Jesus name today and forever honor Psalm 31:1, Psalm 91:11, Psalm 121:8, Isaiah 54:17, Jeremiah 20:11, and 3John 1:2 over Ms. Linda’s life. Bless Ms. Linda with the desire, strength, spirit of obedience to always obey Your Word and will for her life. Let her live her life only for Your approval and applause. Protect her from all hurt, harm, danger and the plans of the enemy of her soul. Deliver her of anything in her life that is not of you. Bless her to prosper, be in excellent health, and bless her soul to prosper in the Word and Ways of God. May she never cease to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. Lead, guide, and direct her footsteps daily. Bless her to dream the dreams of God, live her life to please You, fulfill the purpose You created her for, and be a success in Christ Jesus. God forever honor this prayer over her life today and for always. Thank You Jesus. Amen. Thank You, Ms. Linda
January 20, 2018
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Public User: I pray for healing
January 16, 2018
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A: Unspoken Requests
January 8, 2018
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Aaron Hylton: I am in great need of prayer for my vision and health. I have been to many dr even a surgeon specialist who said my eyes check out fine. This makes everything point to something neurological. I pray with every ounce in me it is not. I’ve been having a terrible time with extremely bad after images flashing lights lost some strength in my right eye seeing spots and shadows bad floaters even seeing lights and things with my eyes closed. There’s so many things I couldn’t ever mention them all. My eyes are also extremely painful and red all the time almost unbearable. Can’t hardly even go outside anymore much less work. I’ve also been having bad headaches strange pains and feelings dizziness confusion and much much more. I am honestly scared to death for my life. I know God alone can heal every single thing and I Pray with every ounce of my being it is his will. Any and all Prayers are greatly greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you so much and God bless all
November 16, 2017
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Sharon King: Please pray for God to make change in my life and open new doors for me
October 18, 2017
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Kristina E Linn: Pray for my mom Deanna she is in ccu on a ventilator fighting a bad bacteria that has also got to her brain her organs are failing and she is close to brain dead my father Jeffrey Linn has been drinking alcohol and it makes him made he has turned into an alcoholic when he drinks he verbally and mentally attacks me and throws stuff at me pray for me Kristina driggers to be strong and have happiness and peace in my life
October 6, 2017
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